The Golf Speed Custom Fitting Session is a one on one, in person consultation to match you with the perfect RYPSTICK. Currently this service is only available in the greater Auckland area.


A Golf Speed professional will travel to you with a variety of RYPSTICKS and work with you to ensure you are fitted for the perfect RYPSTICK for your size height and physical level.


Each session requires a 45 to 60 minute commitment, easy as. Not only will our friendly and knowledgable professional ensure you are matched to the perfect RYPSTICK, they will also run you through the motions of exactly how to use the device and which exercises will benefit your game best.


PLUS! They can also show you how to use, monitor and manage your progress using the new GOLF SPEED RADAR.


This is the perfect add on to ensure you purchase the right RYPSTICK for you and also gain hands on experience with a professional to ensure you get the feel of the exercises and technique tht will improve your game.