Introducing the latest technology for measuring club head speed. Now you can track your progress when training with your RypStick.


The Ryp Golf Radar is designed to measure swing speed WITHOUT a ball, something both Trackman and Foresight cannot do. This instant feedback is the KEY to motivating you during your training.


Unlike any other speed radar on the market, this one has optional voice feedback!


When you make a swing it instantly tells you how fast you were through a speaker in the device. To make tracking your progress even easier, this radar device stores the speed of the last 10 swings you made.


Measure your gains with Golf Speed and the Ryp Golf Radar, helping you to reach your hidden potential!



Please watch the video (on the 'How to use' page) to see how to best use the Ryp Golf Radar. In testing, we have found the RypRadar to be correlated within 99% of the PRGR when properly set up.